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The District 1 business meeting is now held exclusively in person. District 1 meets on the 3rd Monday each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Prince Frederick, MD. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.


The Maryland General Service Newsletter is back!!!

We are grateful and pleased to announce that the Maryland General Service newsletter is back! Kristin B., our Newsletter Chair has committed weeks of service to provide an astounding product that we’re sure you will enjoy! We conducted a poll across the entire area to decide on a name for the newsletter, and the overwhelming majority selected “Our Common Welfare”. So please, take some time to read and enjoy it. The first issue provides information from NERASSA, our Delegate, Terry B., our Chair, Frank M., and so much more!

Click here to visit the Maryland General Service Newsletter Page - Our Common Welfare

July 2024 Grapevine News


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