April 2019 Minutes

District 1 - Secretary’s Report Meeting Date: 04-15-2019 Minutes

The 04-15-2019 District Meeting was opened by Scott K. with the Serenity Prayer @ 7:00 pm.

In Attendance: Scott K., Craig R., Peggy R., Carole W., Bill L., Lynn H., James F., Kenny G., Mary P. Dave M., and Jim D.

Secretary’s Report: - Mary P. sitting in as secretary for Suzie G. not present. Mary P. read the minutes from the March 18, 2019 District meeting. The motion to approve the minutes was accepted without changes. Treasurer’s Report: – Peggy R. - Beginning balance is $3,226.56 with two credits from group donations totaling $175.00 and a debit of $12.99, leaving an ending balance of $3,388.59. The motion to approve the treasury report was accepted without changes. DCM report: Scott K. – Outreach needs a chairperson. Patti T. wants to give the position up for Bridging the Gap. Please take back to your groups. Carol to call Suzie and Patti T.

Reading of Service Concept II SMIA Intergroup Liaison: Bill L. GSO does not recommend the Professional Awareness Day. No Serenity breakfast this year. Picnic will be in August still looking for new location. Pushing for Founder’s Day attendance. If you are on the list for 12-Step calls please enter the 800 number in your phone so the call is not ignored.

Accessibility: (Need Chairperson) Suzie attached worksheet for GSR’s to take to their groups. Bridging the Gap: Patti T. – Not present – mentioned at the last meeting she is ready to give up the position if anyone want to take it over. Institutions: Fred W. – Men’s jail – Not present. Maggie B. – Women’s jail – No report. Mark B. – (Porto) – No report. Events: James F. – We made $181.00 off the 50/50. Total cost of event was $803.98. James to prepare a financial report for the event. James proposed an 8th and 9th step workshop. Crossroads church is available and will check with St. Paul’s. Grapevine Committee: Mark N. – Not present – Celebrating his anniversary! Outreach: (Need Chairperson?) Public Information: Roger M. – Not present. Web Committee: Bill L. – District web site is revamped completely! Added a business agenda to site.

District 1 - Secretary’s Report Meeting Date: 04-15-2019 DRAFT Minutes


Old Business

• District 1 Archives – Scott and Bill will work on Archives for District 1. • Newcomer Packets – Scott needs to get more of them.

New Business

• Need new GSR packets – Scott will check on. • Workshop

Group Reports:

1. 231 Group – Kenny – 20-25 people on Tuesday and Fridays, meeting attendance is picking up and all positions are now filled. 2. Awakenings – Jim D. – 30-40 people, everything is going well, we need a treasurer. 3. A Vision for You – (Need GSR) 4. Beach Beacon – Patti T. – Not present. 5. Bedouin Group – Paul E. – (texted report) – We have 40-50 people, a lot of rehab, all positions filled. 6. Cove Point Group – (Need GSR) 7. Daily Reflections – Donald R. – Not present. 8. Daily Reprieve Group – Fred W. – New GSR – rotating positions. 9. Do Drop in Women's Group – Carole W. – 12-15 women, meeting is going well. 10. Grapevine Group – Mark B. – Not present. 11. Grateful Alive Group – (Need GSR) 12. Happy Destiny Group – (Need GSR) 13. Happy Hour – Mike B.- Not present. (texted report)– 15-20 people, lots of newcomers. 14. Huntingtown Noon Group – Gene C.– Not present. 15. Keeping it Green – (formally the Experience, Strength, and Hope Group) 16. Living Sober Group – Roger M. – Not present. 17. Lusby Group – Donald R. reported previously need GSR for the meeting. 18. Monday Night’s Men's Meeting – Craig R. – We need a GSR, but the meeting is doing well. 19. Mount Harmony Group – Bobby P. – Low attendance 20. North Beach Group –Lynn H. – (need updated report) More attendance on Saturday’s. We now have a coffeemaker for Saturday as well. We have a lot of meetings and approximately 40 home group members for all meetings. 21. Saturday Morning Breakfast – Kathy J.- Not present (?) 22. Sober by the Bay Group – Lisa Tu. – Not present. 23. Solomon’s Group – Lisa T.– Not present. 24. Sunderland Group – Dave M. – Barely holding on. 25. Sunrise Sobriety – (Need GSR-group not interested at this time) 26. Today Group – Katy S.- Not present 27. We Wuz Wurz Group – Mary P. – Average is 15 to 20 people. We have a group conscious meeting month to month.